Zirbenpark Hochzeiger

Games, fun and information round about the Swiss pine. That was the challenge at the creation of the new "Zirbenpark" in high of the middle station of the "Hochzeiger Bergbahnen".  The result is a 1 km loop trail  with many interactiv stations to learn on a funny way everything about the Swiss pine. On the end of the trail there are two big  towers in form of a Swiss pine seed. 

The two funny characters Pitzi & Gratsch accompany visitors on their way through the ZirbenPark. Pitzi & Gratsch are best friends and have a common passion: the pine nuts. While Gratsch (= dialect for Nutcracker) carefully and tirelessly ensuring that the pine nuts find their way to the forest floor, so that they germinate and can grow later to a pine, Pitzi is torn - finally taste the pine nuts so wonderful. The ZirbenPark stations there is much to learn about the pine and the two friends Pitzi & Gratsch.

The fun factor is not too short: plant pine nuts, balance, climb, jump in the hay, visit the petting zoo, planing chips for their own Swiss stone pine or participate in a quiz - the possibilities are manifold ZirbenPark.

The highlight in ZirbenPark but undoubtedly the Zirbenzapfen experience tower. The 12 m high tower of experience ALMHOLZ is equipped with an observation deck and a 16 m long tube slide. In addition, there is another small Zapf tower for climbing and a net tunnel. In ZirbenPark but wait also fun, games, adventure and relaxation stations to visitors.

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