Hopsiland Planai

Now is the "Hopsi go" on the World Cup Planai!

Since 1982 Hopsi, the World Cup mascot, the great hero in the small guests. Now the Planai Seilbahnen are considering with the company ALMHOLZ a very special project for children: The "Hopsiland".
There's a lot to discover!
Already at the valley station you are greeted by the hare Hopsi who invites his newly built country at the top of the Planai. Maybe you're lucky and caught the new Hopsi gondola for the ascent? That would be a fun!
Hillside shows up Hopsi personally his many funny ALMHOLZ - play structures. And he knows the most beautiful and greatest ways to explore the Planai and nature!
The poussette trail is 1.5 km long and starts at the top station of the Planai cable car. Along the route, and thus on Hopsis tracks waiting swings, slides, climbing elements and even its own "water world". Cool wet is on hot summer days thus guaranteed!
Hopsis favorite station is definitely the oversized ALMHOLZ snowcat at the Planaihof: Even on hot summer days he thinks like the Winter at Planai - Logical or?

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